Healing Archetypes

D'oro collage

What is your archetype? ( you can have more than one and it can change and will change). You will find your archetype in the stories of gods, goddesses, cultural heroines, roles wherever – look it up and find out about it. you can just google Mother, or Girlfirend, or an Enneagram figure – anything at all . and make the archetype teach you because that is what is happening in this time of the Healing Game.

RIght now, I identify with Cassandra.

Cassandra Archetype
*someone whose accurate prophecies are not heeded by those around them.
* receives knowledge of future OR understanding of animal mind, telepathy from feminasculin snake. ( male female divine principle)
*beautiful and clever, insane. Insanity co-arises with her lack of ability to be who she needs to be.
* courted by sun god Apollo but chooses to remain chaste and firm to her vows to be his priestess not his consort.

Healing Cassandra
Apollo never did mate. Sungod’s relationship with Woman was never consummated. Woman understands that that consummation – devoutly to be wished – is death. Gaia remains pure and loves the sun from a distance because when mankind appropriates sun’s energy we get both good and mostly bad results e.g. Pollution because man(kind) is greedy, like Apollo who wanted more than he was supposed to.
Apollo the male side of “god” wants to have sex with a temple maiden vowed to chastity.

in the time of Healing Cassandra – which is now, we rediscover our connection to archetype. The realm of Archetype is called by aborigines or first people, Dreaming or Dream time. It is where our myths and stories come from. We live in the realm of the Living and the Dying; We come from Unborn – all potential ( ie before Big Bang).

There are three realms: past, present, future; Archetype, Living and Dying, Unborn.

We in the present OWN the future. We can HEAL the present IN OURSELVES. Cassandra says yes to Apollo and chucks out the mad temple strictures which were great for those not chosen by Apollo. Gaia, Earth, is chosen by Apollo.

The legend of woman being punished for rejecting god, became the legend of Eve rejecting God’s commandment. We are supposed to eat the apple, but not before it was ripe – the snake, trickster, did not add that detail as it was supposed to. Now is the time for the knowledge of good and evil to be eaten – we can sure see what is evil, and we are walking away from it. Judgement is evil. We are to judge ourself and we will be judged as we judge others. So let us celebrate who we are as we get this healing done.

If you are interested and you live in Tampa, my next art group on June 10th (1pm)  is about this. Message me to attend. resilk[at]live.com




One thought on “Healing Archetypes

  1. re the collages pictured: D’oro the Exploro – my young self , spinning the world and walking up the staircase as the rainbow serpent descends in a different dimension.The monkeys represent the 15 monkeys – when a female monkey on one side of a monkey research island began to wash he rsand covered potato, others gradually adopted the practice. By the time 15 monkeys were doing it – the practice had started generally on the other side of the island although there was no contact between the two sides, and no -one had taught or modelled this new behaviours. Sceptics doubt this story , but I am a believer in morphic resonance and i dont care if those who wish to maintain a hopeless view refuse to embrace sweet possibility. I retain my youthful optimism. Along with Pascal, I give my Hope the possibility of being correct. I AM my belief in myself. I AM creative. So there, giggle.

    Wise woman – as an old bat I no longer kowtow and bow to rational science, which kills hope and denies spirit. I experience spirit along with thousands of others – it may be a female thing. It is that which connects all of us. It is breath. It is space. We are one breathing organism, plants and animals. One planet and one set of lungs. One half breathes in carbon dioxide and the other half breathes in oxygen. We exchange our breath with the plants. We are dying here unless we wake up and LIVE our story.


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