Painting Portraits

You must know that I am a self taught artist, and that I have recently started doing portraits. One of the most helpful comments I ever heard was this: “If you look at what you are drawing for more than three seconds, you are working from memory” . It has made for much more successful work, when I look up at the source material every second or so.

Inspiration Zone is my studio where I work and share what I know. And what I know is that no matter how much our art production doesn’t measure up to some ideal standard, the doing of it is fun, satisfying, and pleasing. It’s not the accuracy of the result that pleases but the marvelous sensation of creating my own representation of what I see. I have mostly made portraits of people I love. This is almost my whole output! One is imaginary and two are from magazine photos.

My little sis,  sure my silk painting  doesn’t look too real, but the love is real and it makes me happy to record it.

Come and join me at the studio. I offer art sessions on your schedule – weekdays are especially easy to schedule.  We talk about what matters and we create an opening for love – whatever you love to represent. Dont delay… 🙂


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