Silk Painting Class

V.M. is creating beautiful, holy, scarf silks. In this, her third class, she has created a beautiful landscape in which I see a celtic Spirit, which has crossed the water, leaving a story trail of letters behind. I see it as the waters of Lethe, forgetfulness, and as a call for us to remember what the ancestors knew – we need to work together.

VM spriit

Her is the whole scarf. VM is making what I call prayer scarves, this one has “holy words” from all traditions on it. Whether VM will add more words is up to her…

vm prayer scarf

I am using new dyes called Color Hue and finding a lot of pleasure in it.

Hue Koi

I painted an acrylic, and whoopee,  it has an online contract on it.

Bistro Morandi, Bottle wall

Last Call at Bistro Morandi.

the bottles are inspired by the painter Morandi. Richard said, “A wall of bottles and the women will pay for it!!” Ha ha topical joke. I say ‘Give us women some bottles and we will build functional walls, we will make a walled orchard where bees and flowers are welcome…. In QUeenstown NZ, there are houses made with Bottle walls – made out of bottles. Coolio. you lie them on their sides and cement around them… i wonder if bees would hive in them if they were left unsealed?

eco silk

This is a detail from my eco silk. Thanks Barbara Kazanis for instruction in eco silk printing. I love how the spanish moss made interesting patterns. The work is at Carrollwood Cultural Center, Fearless Fibre exhibit, now til aug 18, reception july 28, 6-8.

see you there.


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