Bel Canto

I made a collage of a woman’s face. She looked a little wary, and weary – the way I feel. The way so many of us feel. There is so much insanity, so much misunderstood idealism, so much fear.

Ann Patchett’s novel, Bel Canto, is a beautiful,wise and telling story of insanity, idealism and fear in a country in turmoil. We long for peace. We wonder how we can go on living in such insane times. We would like to feel our lives were contributing to peace and justice.

Well, we just have to keep on going and to know that how we live matters.  That joy and love are life’s eternal patterns. There is sorrow and change, no matter what – we can live with those and express them through art – painting ,dance , music , song. The arts save the human soul from the depravity around it.

The human seems to be a member of a clinically insane species. We who long for peace and do our best to manifest it – knowing there will be none without justice – really matter. The future holds Evolution – where humans wake up and work together –  in balance with Annihilation – in which we change the conditions of nature ( our ecological niche) so extensively we cannot survive. The death of bees and rising seas may see an end of us.  Keep on truckin’.

bel canto

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